Not Losing Military Bearing

November 14th, 2008  

Topic: Not Losing Military Bearing

When I was an infantry platoon commander, my Marines trained regularly for nighttime reconnaissance patrol. As we moved along, each of us would whisper the name of any obstacle to the person behind so that no one would be surprised and utter a cry that would disclose our position.

During one exercise, the lead man in the formation occasionally turned around and whispered to me "Log" or "Rock," which I would pass along. Suddenly there was a crash ahead of me and, from several feet down, I heard a single whispered wordó"Hole."

-- Mike Robbins

Provided Courtesy of Reader's Digest.
November 14th, 2008  
Good one, AJ.
November 14th, 2008  
Team Infidel
good one......
November 14th, 2008  
oh that is wonderful
November 14th, 2008  
The Other Guy
I know someone by that name... but he's my age. Great story nonetheless!
November 14th, 2008  
That's too funny.
November 15th, 2008  
LOL. Been there done that...
2006-West Bank
My platooc commander is leading myself and 4 other soldiers on a foot-patrol. We were supposed to walk through an area of ancient ruines. Suddenly we loose eye contact with the officer... We were young soldiers and kind of got scared for a few seconds. Than we found him stuck in a hole. He couldent get out because his body-armour and vest got him stuck with his legs in the air...turns out the ruins were more like a bunch of 6ft deep holes.
November 16th, 2008  
LOL, oops!
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