Not to be gross, but, well made flick...

May 25th, 2014  

Topic: Not to be gross, but, well made flick...

The Devil's good ole Mr. Rob Zombie. Even bought it for my daughter (she's grown! ).
I have the "director's cuts". So, I got to see how it was made. A lot of chicken guts....not so gross.
But I tell ya, that Otis scared the bejeebees outta me! The character, that is. And I don't like clowns, but Cptn. Spaulding is almost disgustly laughable. Still, the story of a psychopathic , murdering, maraudering " family” still happens in this world.
Scary as heck story, yes, but seeing it directed kinda made it all better.
Bf swore up and down he'd NEVER watch it... woke up, middle of night-it was on!!LOL
I will leave you with " tutti friggin frutti". They get what they deserve in the end!
Pleasant dreams!
BTW...great soundtrack!

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