Norwegian Mottos - Page 2

March 5th, 2005  
More mottos:
"For Kongen, Fedrelandet og Flaggets heder." - Sjøforsvaret
"For King, Country, and Honor of the Flag." - Royal Norwegian Navy

"Alltid tilstede" - Kystvakten
"Always Present" - Norwegian Coast Guard

In the navy we also used stuff like "Pain is temporary, honor lasts forever" and "Pain is an illusion, an illusion is a dream, you dream when you sleep and sleeping is wonderful." (Terrible translation, but i hope you get the idea.)

We also had to swear allegiance to the King. It's a short oath, but still: "Gud bevare Kongen og Fedrelandet." (God save the King and Country.)
When this is said during any form of official arrangment (parades, field service..) the navy answers with the same words, while the air force only answers "Yes."
May 12th, 2005  
If you want peace, prepare for war

thats an awesome motto, just love it