The Norwegian Embassy in Syria set on fire

February 4th, 2006  

Topic: The Norwegian Embassy in Syria set on fire

Source: Norway post, VG, Dagbladet

BREAKING NEWS: The Norwegian Embassy in Damascus has been burned down, after angry demonstrators in the Syrian capital set the building on fire Saturday evening. Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Stoere says embassy personnel will be evacuated. No Norwegians have been hurt. The Norwegian Department of Foreign Affairs has adviced Norwegian citizens to leave the country.

Syrian police reportedly used tear gas in an attempt to try to drive the demonstators away, and several of them have been sent to hospital.

However, the demonstrators finaly broke into the building, sacked it and set it on fire.

Earlier in the day the Danish embassy was set on fire by several hundred demonstrators.

Several thousand demonstrators roamed the streets of Damascus on Saturday protesting against the caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed which were first published by the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten and later by a number of other European newspapers.
February 4th, 2006  

like I said, the muslims should start cleaning their house first. They should condemn their own people when it comes to violation of human rights, stonning of women, suppression of young people and thousands of other crimes they do in the name of their allah.

Although I believe that the reaction from the muslims proved the cartoonist was right. This faith is violent and those protesting are showing us that they are very violent and unable to tolerate any thing against their ideas. It shows that spread of democracy is a must. It proves that the global war on terror is a serious business that has to be accomplished.

It is a matter of life and death! Because if we, who believe in secular values, bow to the few radical muslims, then our very own existence will come to an end.

I am very curious to see how this is going to end.
February 5th, 2006  
i'm was not surprised at all... :/
February 7th, 2006  
Italian Guy
Hang in there Norway. The mother of the stupid is always pregnant.
February 12th, 2006  
Glad to hear that no any Norwegians were killed.