Norwegian C-130 J Hercules missing over Sweden - Page 4

March 20th, 2012  
Although I was unable to get myself to this part of the world at this current time I can tell you one thing I know for certain.

The SAR mission couldnīt have been performed more vigorously and with more determination had the crew been one of our own.

Rest easy at the table in Valhalla brothers and sister, Iīll see you again at the big round up.

KJ sends with a heavy heart..
March 20th, 2012  
Very brave soldiers doing their jobs and honorably. I'm saddened by this story and my heart goes out to the families.

May they all rest in peace, and the families heal while holding on to memories.
March 21st, 2012  
Prayers and sympathies from America,

I'll pray for the families and the
courageous souls who braved the storm.

May they rest well.

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