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August 25th, 2007  
Unless the Force that is sent there is allowed to act then there is little point in going, it just gives some of the factions more targets
August 26th, 2007  
Originally Posted by the_13th_redneck
The issue is they may get slaughtered regardless of troop presence.
Then why are their gov'ts sending them there? Just to save face????
August 29th, 2007  
A Can of Man
Possibly. Politicians like to do those things.
September 1st, 2007  
Swedish troops have been tasked with hard missions with impossible ROE,s since Vares.

"You did it then.."

Thing is, in Vares the Swedes wrote their own ROE,s when they discovered that the lengthy chain of command made it impossible to engage in a timely manner.

The commander of NORDBAT 2 Colonel Ulf "tuffe Uffe" Henricsson issued an order that said.
"We fiered our warning shot last thursday. When we fire, we fire for effect gentlemen."

Under this new set of ROE,s issued by a commander willing to put it all on the line for his troops the Swedish battalion that arrived a day to late to save the small village of Stupni do did in fact turn up in time to save the city of Vares from meeting the same fate..

This force(Darfur) does have a chance of succeeding, as long as the respective HQ,s choose the right commanders for the job.
With that I mean: Choose commanders who know how to employ SF units for force protection missions, intel gathering and to create repore with the local factions and win their trust.(hearts and minds)..

I may be biased, but I predict the Special Forces part that goes on out of sight to reporters and civilians will be key to this operation.

The ones who live will see, right?

September 1st, 2007  
Here's hoping.
September 1st, 2007  
A Can of Man
Good people have a habit of getting fired.
September 1st, 2007  
Or married.
September 1st, 2007  
A Can of Man
If all goes to plan, the retirement should be temporary!

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