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May 16th, 2006  
Originally Posted by Italian Guy
My 2 cent but I know for a fact Sword and Redleg will agree.

Direct link to AVG download:

And ZoneAlarm firewall, if you need/want that one as well:

Both are free..

Originally Posted by rotc boy
how do i find out how much memory i have?
Open the Control Panel in windows, and click on "system"
It should say how much memory you have near the bottom of the first page there.
May 16th, 2006  
rotc boy
1.99 GHz 256 RAM
May 16th, 2006  
Italian Guy
Mmm let's wait for the big minds to come back. We're gonna work this out, Boy
May 21st, 2006  
go into ctrl + alt + del and see how many running processes you have under the processes tab and tell us.