Non political, Purely theoretical

October 7th, 2011  

Topic: Non political, Purely theoretical

Please respect the above nature of this post and just answer the theoretical scenario/question:

Israel and Palestine make peace. Under the agreement, Palestine has the right to build a military.

In regards to the army and naval aspects, the Israelis and Palestinians will simply train on their own land/coast.

The question is: Is it possible for their airforces to share the airspace of such a small strip of land (40-50 mile at its widest)?

I think theoretically they could. It would involve both country's air forces training in other countries, like Turkey, for example.

What are your thoughts?
October 7th, 2011  
Ben the answer is impossible without going into politics, the answer is no, it would not be possible to maintain two airforces with anything remembling combat detachements without an extreme political compromise.

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