No place for the SMG?

April 16th, 2005  

Topic: No place for the SMG?

Is there a standard issue SMG for any branch of the military (lets say Marines) other than in the special forces and such? Or is the sub-machine gun outdated.
April 16th, 2005  
The SMG is only used by special forces becuase of its suppression capability. Its not very practical for the regular front-line soldier. The M16 holds more rounds in each clip (not sure of the exact numbers), and is probably more accurate and has a greater range of effectivness. Some Force Recon might use it for a night mission where there is little support and stealth is key. Even then, the SMG would be a last ditch answer.
April 16th, 2005  
Airplane and helicopter pilots carry them don't they.
April 16th, 2005  
FO Seaman
The US military has no set SMG but the one we do use is the MP5.
April 16th, 2005  
A Can of Man
I think with the advent of extensive urban warfare, the submachine *could* make a comeback but what is more likely is assault rifle designs will start to favor the submachine gun characteristics.
The reason why armies don't use them much is because the assault rifle has done a good job of doing the jobs that submachine guns did in the old armies.
April 16th, 2005  
MP's could use smgs when it's not a very dangerous situation, but nowadays a rifle can do whatever a smg was designed to do. Maybe we'll equip them because they're cheaper and smaller, but not for your average GI joe.
April 16th, 2005  
MP5's dont even shoot through doors...
and M4's, Tavors etc are small and light now anyways, all being able to carry supressors
April 16th, 2005  
Check your ballistics, rocco. A 9mm will penetrate most doors and some walls. The rounds carried by most SF units, when used for CQB, are sub-sonic rounds. These do NOT have the penetration power of the standard ball 9mm. As for the rest, the M4 has become the de facto weapon of choice for most ground operators
April 16th, 2005  
Talking of SMGs... which forces use the ES C90?
April 18th, 2005  
Ah the Australian Navy Clearance Divers carry the Australian F1 Sub Machine gun as standard (along with the M4 and Mosberg shotgun).

It still gets used because it is so simple and light. It is basically a sten gun, just with a solid stock and top mount magazine. You pretty much fill it full of sand, mud, glue, water etc and it'll keep on firing. It's also fairly accurate and can easily be changed over to have a silnced barrel assembly.