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May 16th, 2005  
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What a h**l is that?
Part of the F.E.L.I.N system. France's answer to the American Land Warrior system. Look up PAPOP on google.
Thanks, nice toy!!
May 16th, 2005  

Poor troops....carrying that sucker around on operations will be a nightmare!

Locke, I agree to a certain extent with what you said, but what of the great success of PPSH in 7.62x25 during WW2?
The russians used this little round to great effect! I still think it would be suitable as the ultimate PDW/SMG/Pistol round - with frangible bullets of course.
May 17th, 2005  
Jeez add a tape deck and a CD player and it looks like something I got for xmas a few years back.
May 21st, 2005  
Originally Posted by Sea_Cadet
I don't see how the FN 2000 is an assault rifle.
Hey There

Sorry to drop in so late on this one, but it didn't look like anyone had answered this question.

The FN 2000 is an assault rifle because of the cartridge it uses (5.56x45 NATO). That's a rifle cartridge, but not as powerful as a battle rifle cartridge (like the 7.62x51 NATO). SMGs use pistol cartridges.

Hope that helps.

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May 22nd, 2005  
A Can of Man
It really doesnt look like something Id like to bring to combat.
May 23rd, 2005  
August 23rd, 2005  
Do you think its fair to say the the newer bullpup assault rifes (Steyr Aug, SO80 Series, G36C, FAMAS, etc...) seem to have replaced the need for the SMG?
August 24th, 2005  
For your information G36c is not a bullpup but a standard like an m16 of ak47. and No, Smgs still have a purpose. Like urban combat where the bullet hits the terrorist and doesn't penentrate through and hit someone else like a civilian.
August 24th, 2005  
FIREARMS are tools. You use different tools for different jobs. If you need to eneter a building and not kill those on the otherside of the wall. You use a SMG chambered in a caliber that doesn't have a lot of pentration. THe 9mm is good for that if you use a fragmention round. Also the .45ACP is in my opinion the best SMG cartridge. You can still hold a ton of that stuff. (It's a SMG magazine on a pistol, size isn't a problem.) The round is Sub-Sonic period. No need to get speical ammunition. You can use a standard surpressor. And there are many weapon systems chambered for it. The H&K UMP, Colt AR-15 SMG, Beretta CX4 Storm, M1 Thompson, M3 Grease Gun, and so on and so forth. If you need somehting with litlte reciol, good ammunition supply (magazine capacity), simple operations, light wieght, and good penetration. The M4 Carbine is perfect for the job.
August 24th, 2005  

A shorten version of the SA80 Mk2. It has a range of 500 yards and is very accurate at 400 yards, This gun is under 36 inches in length and comes with either a 20 or 30 round magazine, it was brought out for tanks or transport crews who have a restricted storage space but still could do with the hitting power of an assault rifle. The plus thing is that all the weapons are using the same size ammunition