No offence intended, but this happened.

March 4th, 2012  

Topic: No offence intended, but this happened.

A buddy of mine went home on leave, when he came back I asked him how his leave went, this was the story he related:-

I arrived home Friday night and there was a party in full swing next door, the next door neighbour saw me and asked me to join them and could I bring a bottle.

I rocked up with a bottle and was introduced to the party goers, one bloke I took an instant dislike to. When he asked me what I did and I replied that I was in the RAF, he replied “Oh you kill people for a living.” This got my back up and replied, “Yep, give me your address and I'll make sure that you are next on the list.”

He then began to tell a joke about Thalidomide children, he really annoyed me so I said loudly, “That's not very funny, my brother is a Thalidomide victim, the poor little bastard is deaf, dumb and blind, he's got stubs for arms and legs, yet he works day and night.” That shut him up, the party went quiet, then he came up to me red in the face, apologised and asked me what my brother does, I replied, “He's a paper weight.”
March 4th, 2012  
Love it!
Reminds me of this joke:

Where do you find a dog with no legs?

Where ever you left it!
March 4th, 2012  

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