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September 2nd, 2006  
Team Infidel
They had a few of these sites around in California... at least I think they were Nike/Hurt sites
September 2nd, 2006  
Some have asked about which Hercs were nukes and which ones weren't. The short answer is you can't tell. The barometric probe on the nose cone which armed the HE after reaching a certain height had a cover over it so there were fake ones made to put on all missiles. Only the magazine crew chief and the BCO knew for sure.

California coverage:

Los Angeles -
LA-04 Mt. Gleason /Palmdale
LA-09 Mt. Disappointment /Barley Flats
LA-14 South El Monte
LA-29 Brea/ Puente Hills
LA-32 Garden Grove
LA-40 Long Beach Airport /Lakewood
LA-43 Ft. MacArthur (Upper Res /White Point)
LA-45DC Fort MacArthur (Lower Res)
LA-55 Point Vicente (Palos Verdes)
LA-57 Redondo Beach/ Torrance
LA-70 Hyperion /Playa Del Rey
LA-73 Playa Del Rey /LAX
LA-78 Malibu
LA-88 Chatsworth/ Oat Mtn.
LA-94 Los Pinetos /Newhall
LA-96 Van Nuys / Sepulveda
LA-98 Magic Mountain /Lang /Saugus
San Francisco -
SF-08 San Pablo Ridge
SF-09 San Pablo Ridge/ Berkeley
SF-25 Rocky Ridge
SF-31 Lake Chabot/ Castro Valley
SF-37 Coyote Hills/ Newark
SF-51 Milagra /Pacifica
SF-59 Fort Funston/ Mt. San Bruno
SF-77H Presidio of San Francisco
SF-78H Presidio of San Francisco
SF-87 Fort Cronkhite/ Sausalito
SF-88 Ft. Barry /Sausalito
SF-89 Presidio of San Francisco (Fort Winfield Scott)
SF-90DC Mount Tamalpais
SF-91 Angel Island
SF-93 San Rafael
Travis AFB -
T-10 Elmira
T-33 Vacaville - Dixon/Lambie
T-53 Fairfield - Potrero Hills
T-86 Fairfield /Cement Hills

Here is the LA area map: I was stationed at LA-55 and LA-94.
In most cases across the US and allied countries no one knew there was a site in their neighborhood.
September 3rd, 2006  
Great picture of a Hercules with the Statis Probe covered. I believe that it was the H4049, painted red because that is the traditional, "Remove before flight" color. The Static Probe came in two varieties, the M2 and the XM2 statis probe. Missilier is correct that the probe's purpose was to allow air pressure access to the Barometric fusing system. The fuse was set for a minimum height (Altitude) to arm the electronic firing switches and then it also was set to a specific altitude to fire the warhead. There were four barometric switches in the warhead adaption kit. Which adapted the W31 warhead to the Nike Hercules missiles.
As has been stated, the Nuclear warhead was effecive against bomber formations. First the fireball, then the over pressure (very effective against the air worthiness of the aircraft) and finally the EMP.
Quick story on EMP, in the late 50s a Hercules was fired from Johnston Island in the Pacific, fire ball occurred above 50,000 feet and it blacked out radio/tv transmisssion across the central and northern Pacific. Specifically in southern Alaska, and in Hawaii.
September 3rd, 2006  
Thanks Chief05, a lot of info I didn't know there. Especially the `50s shot. I can see how an EMP that strong could play havoc in a formation of bombers, especially communication and navigation electronics.

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