nick names!

March 4th, 2005  
rotc boy

Topic: nick names!

most people have a nickname, lets here em!!!!
and the reason they called you that!

up in massachusetts they called me weird al because i had long hair and it made me look like weird al
down here in tejas, they call me smiley, and no, its not an oxymoron
March 4th, 2005  
GI Jane
In our weight training class, we had to do this Navy Seal workout video, and I was the only one to be able to do the whole tape and complete it. All the other girls were b!iching and moaning. That's how I got my nickname!
March 4th, 2005  
Whispering Death
My paintball name is the same as my handle here for my stalking skills.

Got it from one time I snuck 100 yards up a hill for 20 minutes against a fortified position of 40 guys. I got all the way up to the other side of an enemy bunker, stuck my barrell through the slits in the pallett they where using for cover and told the two of them "surrender and don't say a word or I will shoot your F*ing balls off" of course then I shot about 10 more of them from within their own bunker complex but that little move sealed my nickname
March 4th, 2005  
Italian Guy
We've had a thread on this already. Guess about mine. Mmmmh.
March 4th, 2005  
If you didnt guess already

March 4th, 2005  
Mouse or The Knouser

Because of my last name "Knous", silent K and pronounced like "house" with an "N" at the first.
March 4th, 2005  
Mine is Beanie or Beanie Boo.

My first Halloween I was dressed as a green bean and the "bean" part stuck.

The Beanie "Boo" is from a friend on another board...I just don't know....

March 4th, 2005  
In greek means "The guardians of the cross", a medieval knight order
March 4th, 2005  
The Gerbil after kevin the gerbil a british childrands tv puppet
March 5th, 2005  
Some of my friends call me Slim or Skinny. Why? Because I am.