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June 29th, 2011  
Originally Posted by AtticStatic
Who stands to gain from a war with Israel?
Virtually the all of the coalition and sympathetic countries, because Israel (and the US support for it) is the root cause of 99% of all the fundamentalist Muslim terrorism in the world today.

For a start, the US will be able to stop fighting a war that has played a large part in sending the country into debt, to the point where it endangers the whole world's economic stability. The current US Federal deficit is now at the maximum allowed by Congress, $14.3 Trillion, and much of that, is to of all people, those godless communist Chinese.

If it weren't so damned serious, I'd be laughing my stupid head off, at the irony of it all

And you ask who would gain from putting the Israelis back in their box??? I shake my head.
August 27th, 2011  
1. I believe Arab - Israeli war never really stopped. The location and intensity have varied from time to time, but the conflict goes on. How can it not unless Israel accepts it has occupied a land belonging to others and converted this into their theocratic state. And the Israeli apartheid will not allow the original inhabitants, who were pushed out to other countries, to come back to their land! This apartheid do not allow the same rights to the original inhabitants simply because they are non-Jews.
2. In the Iraqi wars, Israel did participate in some form or others. When the American forces entered Iraq, the Israeli ambassador to UN had stated that the American Army of Israel had invaded Iraq. The speech was quickly put off the media. It is also most likely that Mossad is involved in the Arab turmoil which began when Tunisia had decided to recognize the Palestinian state.
3. Gradually the Americans are realizing what a liability Israel is. But the Zionist lobby in USA is all powerful. But at the same time the Arabs and the Muslims are rising, and the Americans don't want to stand against them for ever.