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September 10th, 2010  
Originally Posted by oRTouCH
There is no alliance between Turkey - Syria - Iran. We are just trying to be in good relations with our neighbours. Syria was supporting PKK but years later our relations got better and now they are arresting them. Iran was supporting PKK and now today they are fighting against them. So... What is our number one ally USA doing about PKK? Your answer is sharing intelligence, right. What did Turkey do in Korea for US? Wei did not share intelligence, we fought with US soldiers. What did Turkey do in the first Gulf War? We did whatever we can do to support US. What are we doing together in Afghanistan? Fighting against terrorism with/for our number one ally US.
The countries (Syria , Iran) are not our allies but they are fighting against same terrorists with our country. I was expecting same reaction from US. Being an ally doesn't mean adding a terorist group to your list.
Turkey has been an important ally to the US, far more than Israel in my opinion. Look, my own country (the US) is by no means in any position to give Turkey a lecture, as we have done plenty of despicable acts in the past. But the fact is that the Kurds have be treated rather badly by just about everyone, especially by the Turks and Saddam Hussein.

The Turkish-Kurd situation is a very delicate one for the US because the US is allied to BOTH groups (and Greece as well). Siding with any one of the three makes the other very angry.

Its a shame too because as I said, Turkey is a valuable friend.
February 16th, 2011  
1.when Arabian countries are united

2.this question is already answered within answer #1 will possiblly be planned by the Arabians for a long war which Israel economy cannot support as it is very easy for the Arabian forces can easily blockade the major sea routes to Israel therefore cutting most supplies

Note some people mentioned Iran which is not an arabiabian country and is by no mean Arabian
February 18th, 2011  
I am so surprised no one here is talking about Egypt developing nuclear weapons. This directly relates to my "proposed" answer for question 1:
Egypt will covertly develop multiple nuclear weapons, probably before Iran does. This is to offset Isreal's (purported) nukes. (side note: The muslim brotherhood is directly related to hamas and from what I can tell the general population of Egypt is overwhelmingly anti-Isreali).
There is no reason for Egypt to toss the treaty out until she can offset the nuclear weapons. Before Isreal gets defeated and overrun, there is no question she would use nuclear weapons - what's the point of having them if to die and not fire them???

1) So the war starts once Egypt has offsetting nuclear weapons and at the same time continues to build up conventionally.

2) Obviously regular guerrilla war from the north and east (2006 showed Hezbollah could stop the tanks, not the planes). Syria will be all in for sure for the water in Golan. the water is so critical, and is an issue Isreal can't lose, but Syria wants back for pride. Jordan might stay out, if it can keep the King alive. Iran would just proxy thru Syria and Hezbollah, so I see egypt, hezbollah, hamas and Syria, and a bunch of 'volunteers' from all over that hate Isreal. Isreal will have backers as well, including USA, China (ya). I see Russia using the black sea to keep Iran armed, so involving an air war in Iran would just be expensive for Isreal, best to keep to the neighbors.

3) Isreal will lose, because she has a smaller economy, and in this scenerio, Egypt builds and chooses the time to attack. Ya, sure, Isreal is strong, but Isreal isn't choosing when to fight, Egypt is.

... 2 issues I see to stave this type of thing off...
- stop anyone other then Isreal from getting nukes. I don't see this holding. I don't see how the NPT is of value to an Arab state or Iran with Isreal having genocide loaded up for them if the balance tips.

- make a lasting peace deal with hamas. Isreal isn't going to get what it thought it would just a few years ago. The tide has turned, Isreal was going to get to set a lot of the terms up until this Egypt revolt. Now Isreal is going to have to think a lot more about 1948 then 1967. Jeruselum may well end up an international city.

The positions of who gets what in any peace deal are moving very fast, and with "greedy" (I say that in context because of overlapping wants) parties on all sides, it's going to be real hard to pick a "fair" target that populations won't revolt and cause war.

I seem to be one of the few that thinks Egypt will go nuclear fast. I guess if I'm Egypt, and I want to stand up to Isreal, I would think I have to have a nuke...
February 18th, 2011  
You dont need nukes to keep Israel in respect... It's a small country... And nuking Israel would be a big loss to any government in a Muslim/Christian/Jewish country... You dont blow up the holy land.

Only godless Zionist can do that. Even the real jews dont like what's going on in Israel...

And the Muslims dont really have this "genocide" doctrines we are talking about... These are mostly western ideas.

Muslims see the difference between a nation and a people. Thing we dont. For them, wiping out Israel doesnt mean "to kill the jews"... They are not Nazis.

A little imagination boys, come on... This is too conventional thinking.
February 18th, 2011  
Doesn't history teach us that there is a constant coming and going of countries? If a country can't maintain itself in the big bad world and it runs out of support... well.. then it get's eaten. It isn't the first time that such a thing happens and it won't be the last. It is a rotten thing for the people who live there, but such is life.
If you carve out a country and it collapses 60 odd years later... well I guess you haven't done such a great job at international relations!
February 18th, 2011  
Well, human nature tells us that things that are not "liked" dont last...

Israel was loved by a few, and hated by a lot of people. Israel as it is will change or be utterly destroyed...

The colonial era is disappearing slowly... And Israel is the last piece of all these things built in the colonial era. It wont last, it's going against human evolution...

It's a closed, besieged country... We cant bet your stability on the survival of such a country. Supporting Israel today is suicide.

The day Israel will learn that the military power of corrupt regimes cant save anything in the long term... Then, they will change their ways toward more human rights, more democracy... etc etc..

Israel have to evolve and FAST. they spent so so much time and resources in their medieval ways... Now, it's time to rethink the whole system.

It's not regimes that are failing, it's the system... The system has reached a critical level. Rich countries, rich people went too far... Now, the people who were exploited by the system want to payback.
February 19th, 2011  
Originally Posted by LeMask
Well, human nature tells us that things that are not "liked" dont last...
Glad to hear it, Islam's days are numbered then.
February 19th, 2011  
Islam is missunderstood. Like Christianity...

How to love Christianity when you see them calling each others witches and burning each others because of blasphemy?

And if we force Islam into your home, it's day will be numbered in your home. But outside your home, where Islam is liked... It will last.

You dont understand the rule I stated later... And by the way, in Islam, they say the same. Anything unfair wont last.

I love Islam when I hear things like that. But like I said, it's a misunderstood religion or "philosophy"...

So? are you scared of a religion buddy? ooouh, watch out, a holy book might come to bite you... hehe.
February 19th, 2011  
Israel is stomping all over other peoples ground. I really don't think they have the means to keep pushing in the direction they are going. Yes they have a well trained military but what happens when the entire middle-east comes down on their heads?
February 19th, 2011  
Del Boy
Think in this battered Caravanserai

Whose doorways are alternate night and day

How Sultan after Sultan with his pomp

Abode his hour or two, and went his way.