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June 15th, 2010  
1- When is this war going to happen?

I think there won't be an Arab-Israeli war. If a war going to happen in a near future in Middle East, it will be a Persian-Israeli War. And maybe that time Arabs have courage to join.

2- Which Arab countrys will participate?

Arabs are not courageous enough to take an action against Israel.

3- How will it go?

If this war don't turn into another world war, Israel has a great military tech and power to be the winner.
June 17th, 2010  
Well, easy guys.
Some of you just pull out some very weird theories. The strategic situation is very very complex.

First, there is some against nature unions like Iran-Saudi Arabia. You will see Nazis and skinheads from Europe/America join the ranks of the IDF before you see that.

Now, I dont see an "Arab war" in the near future. If it's something serious. It will be Iran + allies against Israel. Or Turkey and it's NATO friends against Israel. Because Israel attacked recently NATO ships in international waters and killed civilians inside.

There is an alliance forming between Turkey and Iran. it's somehow against nature... But it's possible because they both are rising middle powers in the area.

But these wouldn't be labeled as "Arab wars". Because Iran isnt an Arab country, and neither is Turkey. Do you care about that?

And the context is extremely complex. In most Arab countries, you have to see the big players. People, powerful elite, intelligence community, military and government etc...

Israel crushed many Arab armies in the past... But times change. The Arab countries are growing fast. Israel faced armies of "slaves". Enslaved by a corrupt government. The poor leadership and their poor will to fight led them to disaster.

Israel is a small country. They can crush corrupt armies. But the day they will be facing freemen and intelligent people. They will be facing a serious threat.

The Hezbollah militia is an example. A small but determined force. The Israeli werent facing some poor slaves in uniform following a stupid corrupt government... But freemen determined to inflict maximum casualties to their enemies.

Israel is facing a huge threat. They cant afford to adopt this arrogant stance. Someday, they will anger everybody, and a big war will start, and Israel will have to change by force.

I dont see the Arabs attacking Israel alone. And the allies of Israel arent so scary... We all know that the USA cant take out half the planet in a war.

And the use of WMDs will be a human disaster.

Israel have to make nice and start signing peace treaties with its neighbors and soon.
Now way a small country like that can survive a real war with real opponents.

If I had to bet:
In 5years
Israel & Egypt & Saudi Arabia VS Iran, Turkey, some NATO countries and some Arab countries.

Defeat for Israel and it's allies. And civil wars in Saudi Arabia & Egypt and then other Arab countries one by one.
June 18th, 2010  
You may call me otherworldly but i don't quite believe in the possibility of Iran-Israel war at all. I mean, everybody is saying like 'bombing nuclear facilites'.. Do you know, for example, that some of these 'nuclear facilites' are located in the cities, including Tehran? Israeli AF bombs nuclear reactor in the center of Tehran? Do you even imagine what the consequences will be? No, no, no.. if Iran engages in any local war with Israel, the US will have to get involved and this war will definitely become total.

Even if something big happens in the nearest future, i think it will be Syria. Of course, they will be assisted by Iran in this way or another. But yeah, it's much more interesting what the position of Turkey will be like.
July 11th, 2010  

Topic: sick and tired of being sick and tired...

I will try to keep this as short and simple as possible. I promise!
First, short background...American male, born n bred...but culturally educated and travelled. Done!
Now...I have read some very well worded posts here. I am impressed with most peoples' opinions, some are very well thought out. First, off topic...dont use the word muslim to describe a region, a people, or an event. Most of what westerners think they know about islam is false. Ive read the Quran 8 times...infidels, or kafr, are non-believers...people that are not muslim, christian or jew. speaks of all 3 of those peoples being dont hate anyone for their religion...they hate based on what they see as actions...genocide for example (ie. israel vs palestine). Oh, btw...ive read the bible 12 times...knowledgable but my memory sucks so i have to look things up alot..hahaha...sorry. no photographic memory here, but islam give women equal rights across the board (more rights if u read between the lines)...they just adhere to a "know your role in life" type lifestyle...ive lived there...arabs emulate americans in most extreme manor, despite their differences between their own cultures and to the question....
War has already begun, albeit one sided. Israel's non-discriminate execution of women, children and unarmed men will be the reason others will join eventually. Arab country's have not retaliated YET, cuz they're not so sure of America's intentions, whether they'll join or not. There are severe repurcussions for the wrong decisions, mostly financial. If American abstains, then israel will be crushed, and she knows this. The only money and supplies/equipment israel gets is from the US. The "inventions" israel came up with are with US money only...they even treat their own people like crap...oh, btw..been there too....and not as a tourist.
Their religion is the one that teaches and preaches hate and extermination of all non-jew/non-israeli jew people...and we support that? wow...anyways....first country's involved will be egypt and syria....syrian people are great people, egyptians too, but they're more distrusting (prolly cuz of the # of tourists and foreign workers there)...they have great pride...and when mention of the palestinian brothers and sisters next door, they all drop their heads and get quiet. There is great sadness in the entire region...some want them all to disappear just to solve the issue, but those are unintelligent people that cant think of solutions. The name "israel" has been around alot longer than 2 millenia....and honestly, maybe it was theirs in the "beginning", but I cant believe that their modern intentions are tolerated....a jewish state? wow...there is no other land in the world that is a one religion state..but theirs is tolerated?
Despite the holocaust, its their fault it started ur history...they declared war on hitler in 1939...he even was quoted as saying he doesnt want war...stop listening to rubbish propoganda, and dig for the truth....its all out there.
If America does not fight alongside israel, israel will fall....depending on the number of opponents...syria and hezbollah alone cannot, due to lack of air superiority, however if egypt joins, it wont matter....egypt will flood gaza and the west bank with more men and machines than israel has as a "country", so they cannot defend all borders at once. Hezbollah has 4 times more rockets now (or more) than they did in the 2006 ass whoopin of israel...turkey will jump in with full force if syria is either attacked or invades israel. Iran will give total financial support to any institution that wars against israel, maybe sending troops/art/equip,etc. I dont think itll last more than a few days...unless its all ground, than maybe a couple weeks...if only syria and egypt? conv only, israel surrenders and begs for peace in 2 weeks tops...the only reason isreal is alive today is cuz the arab world likes having good relations w/ the US...they just dont understand why the US gov't supports a genocidal regime like israel....ok...i could go on for hours, giving facts and opinions, but i'll leave now looking forward to further discussion....thanks for this thread and for this forum....
July 11th, 2010  
Thanks for this post rgc. What you said about the Muslim world is pretty accurate... Well, in general, there is exceptions (extremists A-holes etc...)

There is a huge difference between what's in the Coran/Bible and the practice of the Muslims/christians...

A difference between a Muslim's way of life and the way of life dictated by the Coran is in some cases like the difference between the good life that follows the principles of the Bible and the life of a gayporn star.

We have to admit that.

But the important point in what you said is how the Israel-Palestine conflict brings a huge sorrow in the lives of the whole Muslim world. We have at least 1.4billion people (Muslims) who are just angry and sad because of what's happening to their brothers and sisters in Palestine.

And then, we can add all the democracy/human rights loving people all over the world... We dont care much about the situation there, even if it's a huge source of trouble for the world.

Israel is often behaving like a spoiled child and it's pissing off the whole neighborhood... And we dont care. Because we have nuclear weapons and powerful armies and that the Muslim have weak governments... And then, we are surprised when individuals come to bomb the living hell out of us with dirty sneaky tactics...

We made Muslims use kamikaze/terrorists attacks... These guys who belive in god are commiting suicides and killing women and children... To show you how they desperate they are.

The situation is very bad over there.

I think that a general civil war in the Muslim world will have to happen before any serious war with Israel. The ruling elites in these countries are too happy to wage a war. They are making money... They dont need a war. They will do anything to calm the people. Through BS negociations like usual...

It will have to blow at some point, but as long as the economy is stable... It wont happen.
July 11th, 2010  

The Israeli Navy participated in a NATO exercise in Romania. The army joined war games in the Ukraine and a NATO AWACS plane was in Israel demonstrating its capabilities. … Recently, Israel became the first country to conclude an Individual Cooperation Program with NATO. It covers 27 areas, including the fight against terrorism and joint military exercises, and goes beyond cooperation through the Mediterranean Dialogue. That said, full membership in NATO will probably require full resolution of the Arab-Israeli conflict, something nowhere in prospect.

So an Israeli conflict with NATO is highly unlikely.
July 11th, 2010  
Turkey-Iran-Syria Alliance

This is just another event in a series of events that have been festering between Ankara and Washington as Turkey gradually changes its focus from being a European Union contender to a regional power broker between Israel, the Arab countries, Muslim/Turkic states of the former Soviet Union and Iran.

Looking a the map of the region, Turkey occupies a key location in a strategic part of the world. It truly is the bridge between East and West - mediator/broker is a good role for the Turks to play, assuming they can pull it off. Their efforts so far have merely alienated one group or the other - not exactly successful mediation.

Turkey's spat with Israel is not the only thing that appears to undermine American foreign policy in the region. In an effort that was contrary to the Obama Administration's goal of gaining international support for tougher sanctions on Iran over its nuclear program, Turkey, along with Brazil, negotiated a sham nuclear deal with Tehran. Turkey has also proposed a Turkey-Syria-Iran alliance - a move that certainly would not be viewed in Washington as the action of an American ally.

For decades, Turkey was a stalwart ally of the United States and NATO. It allowed the coalition in 1990-1991 to use its bases and airspace to force Iraq to withdraw from Kuwait. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Turkey looked toward Central Asia as its rightful sphere of influence.

During the run-up to the American invasion of Iraq in 2003, in what many American military planners regard as reneging on a commitment, Turkey first allowed U.S. Army forces to move through Turkey to the Iraqi border, only to change its mid at the last minute, forcing the United States to withdraw an entire mechanized division and redeploy them via the Arabian Peninsula. Again, not the actions of an ally.

Turkey needs to decide whose side they want to be on. Right now they are trying to be all things to all sides while addressing increasing Islamist pressure at home. Unless the Turks determine where Turkey stands, they are likely to become part of American foreign policy issues and not a foreign policy partner.
July 11th, 2010  
i would think that turkeys ideals are more aligned with the US then they are with Iran.

isn't turkey very much a secular society?

or has that changed a little with the new government?

is their even a new government?
July 11th, 2010  
There is no alliance between Turkey - Syria - Iran. We are just trying to be in good relations with our neighbours. Syria was supporting PKK but years later our relations got better and now they are arresting them. Iran was supporting PKK and now today they are fighting against them. So... What is our number one ally USA doing about PKK? Your answer is sharing intelligence, right. What did Turkey do in Korea for US? Wei did not share intelligence, we fought with US soldiers. What did Turkey do in the first Gulf War? We did whatever we can do to support US. What are we doing together in Afghanistan? Fighting against terrorism with/for our number one ally US.
The countries (Syria , Iran) are not our allies but they are fighting against same terrorists with our country. I was expecting same reaction from US. Being an ally doesn't mean adding a terorist group to your list.
September 10th, 2010  
Originally Posted by Shmack
You may call me otherworldly but i don't quite believe in the possibility of Iran-Israel war at all. I mean, everybody is saying like 'bombing nuclear facilites'.. Do you know, for example, that some of these 'nuclear facilites' are located in the cities, including Tehran? Israeli AF bombs nuclear reactor in the center of Tehran? Do you even imagine what the consequences will be? No, no, no.. if Iran engages in any local war with Israel, the US will have to get involved and this war will definitely become total.

Even if something big happens in the nearest future, i think it will be Syria. Of course, they will be assisted by Iran in this way or another. But yeah, it's much more interesting what the position of Turkey will be like.
i think Turkey wouldn't intervene, simply, because most of its equipments are western. but there is a very important thing that many of you don't know, which is the historical dispute and hatred between Arabs(Sunni) and Iran(Shea). Iran threat many times that it would close Hormuz strait and attack the countries that host American bases. and that would definitely drag Arabs to war against Iran. if you look at exaggerated and enormous gulf countries' armament in recent years, you will expect an imminent war in the future. in addition , most of iran's arsenal are either short or medium ranges, which don't reach Israel but reach its traditional adversaries (Arab gulf countries). moreover, we should pay attention to the following:

1-iran supported huthies rebels who attacked Saudi Arabia and Yemen .
2-irans destructive intervention in iraq against Sunni sect.
3-occupation of three UAE's islands.
4-Iranian claims that Bahrain is a part of Iran.
5-many Iranian spy networks were caught in Kuwait, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia last month.