September 10th, 2011  

Topic: newbie

Hi everyone. Literally just joined this group. I spent three years in the Marine Corps and then played in the Army Reserves for two years. Back when I was in the reserves, it was *play* and not at all like today.

Anyway, saw a thread somewhere about famous Marines. Wanted to add Phil and Don Everly a/k/a/ The Everly Brothers. You can do a YouTube search and see them in their dress blues on Ed Sullivan.

September 11th, 2011  
Welcome aboard.
September 12th, 2011  
Team Infidel
September 12th, 2011  
Welcome aboard!

Glad to see that you are an Everly Brothers fan, it may give your age away a bit, but it is also certainly a sign of your great taste in pop music.

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