Newbie Paintball Question

October 10th, 2005  
Rob Henderson

Topic: Newbie Paintball Question

I am new to paintball and borrowed a friends Tippman 98 Custom with a 14 in barrell but I wanted a gun of my own. Any suggestions on a relatively cheap gun?
October 10th, 2005  
Steal your friends gun and get a flatline barrel for it
October 17th, 2005  
PFC Slim
go for a spyder get the electric one. about 120.00[/code]
October 17th, 2005  
Get an A-5.....Solid performance and reliability, affordable price, and highly customizable.
October 19th, 2005  
Whispering Death
Tippmans are very sold entry-level guns.

I played with a spyder for 5 years and while it proved to be a very good entry level gun in that time, Spyders now are more marketing than action.

Smart Parts Ions are also good if you're willing to drop a little more cash.

/Been playing for 9 years, own a 2001 Angel.
November 2nd, 2005  
I have been playing for about 4 months, this is the gun i got for my birthday.
November 3rd, 2005  
i asked my friend... this guy breathes paintball.

relatively cheap? if you dont want to deal with many maintanence issues, invest in a nice tippmann A-5. theyre very strudy, built like tanks, built in the USA for you jarhead types, and if aquiped with the proper gear, can be made to look like a HK MP5. the gun is sturdy and has the cyclone feed system that helps with feeding at high rates of fire (which isnt really that high on a mech, or even electric, A-5). the gun has a unique hopper system but not much is lost with it, really. its better then spyders which only last a couple years. ive had a tippmann for over 5 and ive yet to disassemble it to deal with o-ring problems. they run great on CO2 which is a great, cheap alternative to N2 which can cost up to $200 for a 68/3000 tank where as a 20 oz CO2 tank, the equivalent of the 68/3000, can cost as low as $30. as for an aftermarket barrel, invest in a Dye Ultralite. They're light barrels that are very, very good for the money. theyre used by nearly 95% of pro teams on the NPPL and NXL
November 3rd, 2005  
One of my mates made a paintball gun. Not very accurate but powerful. Not light either. It incorporated a carbon fiber tube for a barrel, a gravuty fed hopper on top to carry the paintballs and was connected to a hose with a user controlled regulator which then connected to a compressed air tank. It was the mini-gun of paintball. At first it was more like a flamethrower as the pressure was too great and was bursting the paintballs in the barrel. Now with the regulator it is incredibly painful and he may not move fast but he will cover you with 50 balls before you get off one.

I would say it would be a much better entry level paintball weapon mate than these others mentioned here.
November 7th, 2005  
You can get a relatively cheap gun at like $70 at your local wal mart....
the gun looks okay too.
December 7th, 2005  
Rob Henderson
bulldogg i was looking to save money not spend more. Ill stick to buying the guns that the professionals made. I was looking at a Diablo Wrath, anyone have any experience or info about em?