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January 29th, 2006  
I was wondering if threre was going to be any paintballqeustions!! I am the same way, new to painball and tried it once an i loved it to death!! I am the same way, huping to nget my own paintball gun. If you want a cheap gun, then try wal-mart because i'v seen them there and they usually have a good selectio. But, i would recommad a good paintball gun and the brand to be your best choice is a tippmann because i talked to my friends about it and they said tippmann.
January 29th, 2006  
I am NOT the spelling Nazi! Just kidding.

Anyway, Tippmann's a good brand- they're the MagLite of paintball guns. Spyders are nice, you can put em up to the same abuse as Tippies and they're extremely customizable.

Wal-mart has an OK selection for the recballer who doesn't want anything fancy. Brass Eagle is OK, but they tend to be very... tempermental.

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