New Name

New Name
December 16th, 2003  

Topic: New Name

New Name
I need to change my name on this forum later on when I have got my MilBucks and when the Slot Machine doesnt eat them up like they were candy..

Anyways.. Do you guys have some suggestion?

I have been called GhostWolf in a year and a half now..

And they don't call me that in the good terms.. Trust me on that.

Errr, And I don't like ncknames like "HotBlonde" either..

Hmm.. That's wy I changed my Avatar.. Don't like showing myself as a girl who like to show her body in that way..

But you know, I am like you guys, you should be able to find something out..


Well, I will have a thought of what to rename me as while I beat the shit out of Redlegs Slot Machine...
December 16th, 2003  
I'll try to come up with a new name for you.

In the meantime you can stop banging on my slotmachine and try to beat the highscores in the arcade...
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