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Originally Posted by jeffrey01104
I have come across a sleeping bag labled U.S.N.,tan in color. what I have been told it came home with a sailor in 1946. I never saw or heard of a navy sleeping .would like any infomation it that any of you old salts might have. thank you
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As far as the fart sack - the only thing I can think of are the sleeping bags that were issued to the CBs and to shore parties assigned to sorting out all of the thousand and one items that were shipped ashore after the beach front was secure. They were designed for use in the South Pacific and were made of fairly light material. I believe that they were all labelled "USN". That would also fit right in with the 1946 date. If I remember, they were a light shitty tan color that had a tendency to bleach out to a dirty whitish tan. The only reason I recognize the description was because I purchased one as a kid from an Army/Navy store to be used while camping as a Boy Scout.
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