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March 10th, 2005  
The Russians have 3 different systems like this and they are all not new.
- Arena
- Shtora
- Drozd (not 360 degree)
March 10th, 2005  
sounds like a device that an aussie developed called ( i think) metal storm. the Austrailians are using it to replace the phalanx system on their ships.

it an electrically fired weapon that literally puts up a curtain of shells into a missle or aircraft's path....

The Technology

Metal Storm's technology provides a means whereby objects, such as bullets that have been tightly grouped in multiple tube containers such as barrels, can be stored, transported in and electrically fired from those same containers. These containers or barrels can be grouped in any configuration, to meet any particular application.

The technology has no known equivalent, and can provide an electronically variable burst rate of fire, from conventionally slow to previously unobtainable rates, in excess of one million rounds per minute.

The technology was originally inspired by a desire to try to reduce the number of mechanical steps required to load, fire, eject and reload weapons. In a quantum leap Metal Storm takes ballistics from nineteenth century mechanical operations into the new millennium.

The Concept

Metal Storm's technology achieves its unparalleled performance through the concept of numerous bullets stacked in a barrel, with each bullet separated by a propellant load, such that the leading propellant can be reliably ignited to fire the bullet, without the resulting high pressure and temperature causing unplanned blowby ignition of the trailing propellant load, and without collapse of the projectile column in the barrel.

This unique concept has been accomplished through the invention of a bullet which on the one hand expands and locks in the barrel in response to high pressure immediately in front of the bullet. As a consequence, each bullet in turn can be fired in sequence from the barrel, and an individual barrel tube, loaded with numerous rounds and exclusive of any ammunition feed or ejection system, breech opening, or any mechanical operation whatsoever, when provided with an electric priming system is, in effect, a complete weapon.

Barrels can be grouped in any configuration required for a particular application, while remaining simple and compact, and have no moving parts, no separate magazine, no ammunition feed or ejection system. Excluding consideration of appropriate ancillary systems such as recoil control systems, target acquisition systems and turreting systems, the only moving parts in Metal Storm's barrel technology are the bullets.

Use of the Technology

As an effective military weapon system, the technology offers the safety of 100% electronic keying capabilities, the advantage of on-board selection of a non-lethal response capability, and in another form, the potential to provide an area denial capability without the use of conventional landmines.

The technology also has potential application in a range of diverse commercial areas, including fire fighting, fireworks, precision agricultural chemical distribution, fastening systems for use in the construction industry, and seismic surveying for minerals and oil.

~ in fact i'll start a new thread on this!~
March 16th, 2005  
no better rpg protection then a grunt and a rifle. well ok a platoon of grunts.
March 16th, 2005  
no better rpg protection then a grunt and a rifle. well ok a platoon of grunts.
While infantry can clear AT threats bfore the tanks arrive, infantry is so vunrabke in urban terrain that they have to use APCs, dose becoming vunrable to AT threats....
March 16th, 2005  
Sounds great! Israel allways seem to come up with great armor techs! And educational robots aswell (was trained on a israelian educational robot, one of those industrial type robots.