New Iraqi government buys Chinese arms - Page 3

July 9th, 2005  
The Type 56-2 is a nice weapon, I like the folding stock, and it is a later variant of the Chinese AK Type 56.

The weapon to me seems quite new, the weapons in general have been kept in good condition it seems, and I think it is good for the Iraqi Government to purchase arms for it's military and has chosen from another government then our own.

The Type 56-2 reminds me of the G36 with the horizontally folding stock.
July 9th, 2005  
I seriously suspect that Chinese are giving out their old stocks of retired type-56s and just brush some new paint on them.

100$ a piece (does that include transportation fee?) is a bit too cheap to manufacture right away.
August 10th, 2005  
The main reason why they bought the Chi-Com arms is because of training. Almost everyone there knows how to use the AK series rifle. Russia produces them, but they charge more cash for theirs. And $100 for a Ak is actually a good price. The civilian semi-auto copies go for $399.00. When you train on something for thirty years and then switch to another system the next day. You are going to have a lot of problems.

Also, a Ak chambered in 5.56X45mm is a pain in the butt for the Iraqi military. Becuase they have millions of 7.62X39mm ammo lying around. I sell some of those .223 chambered Aks and in my opinion. they suck. Just like the 7.62X39mm AR-15s. You have to get special magazines, not everyone uses it. I cost more money. So on and so forth.

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