new insignia for the px request

May 11th, 2004  

Topic: new insignia for the px request

Airborne wings! I'm goin to jump school next month, and was wonderin if you could upload a picture (?) of jump wings
May 11th, 2004  
Jump wings may be added in the future, I'm thinking about adding a custom gear shop.
But we will need some kind of verification before "gear" like that will be handed out, not everyone has the "right" to display jump wings..
May 30th, 2004  
Air Assault wings also. Yea the lawn darts should be able to get theirs as well lol

Maybe even some unit insignia like the 101 Old Abe or the 82nd Alky Anon patch? Im sure rangers would like their scroll also. This may give too much gear but it was just a thought.

Maybe a "checkerboard" setup and an awards from the site for most informative, weapons expert, forum soldier of the month, etc.

Even so, this is a great site

Edited: my apologies...Im not a Ranger lol
May 31st, 2004  
Members are free to upload their own avatars as long as they do not exceed the stated limit, so if something isn't available at the PX, you can find a graphic you like, size it - save it to your computer and upload it.

As for Rangers wanting the Tab, no - Rangers prefer the scroll.