A New God...Or a New Cheese?

A New God...Or a New Cheese?
November 18th, 2006  
Ollie Garchy

Topic: A New God...Or a New Cheese?

A New God...Or a New Cheese?
How about: Belief in God?

God is Great! God is Good! Jesus is like the new cheese that I tried last week. I farted, but hey. But a new cheese is not something I would normally write about. I like cutting the cheese, but only in reference to Allah and all the idiots who believe in his crap. I want them to choke on their idiocy.

If you think that I am anti-christian...or anti-god...think again. I might be an ass when it comes to my own culture. When it comes to others, I just want them to croke...and I don't hold that idea for my own folks.

I believe in ODIN or THOR. I believe in the gods of my ancestors. Christ was just an invader. A killer of my people. Why is it otherwise? Hail Odin. Hail Thor. Hail Deutschland! I love my culture...my people...my religion.

The Allah-idiots can try to confuse us with an even more idiotic strain of judeo-crap, but I am too stuck in the Nietzsche-way of things. I do not care. I prefer the idea of death for all of the scum.

That is my right as a human. I think strongly about religion...I hate it. It is the greatest evil from my perspective.

[Hatred of Religion is a right!]


Ich singe bis der Tag erwacht,

Mein Herz brennt.

Vide Cor Meum
November 18th, 2006  
And when the Muslims Islamists take over Germany, you'll be number one on their list...

It confounds me to figure out, with so many people of your persuasion, why Europe let all those Islamists in. And now your goose is cooked.

Give my regards to Odin when you see him.
November 18th, 2006  
Best to ignore this. This thread is trolling at its most obvious given that Ollie is an avowed socialist.

Friends don't let friends post drunk.
A New God...Or a New Cheese?
November 18th, 2006  
its a thing that is true i agree. (evolution is kinda rediculous idea in my opinion) i believe there is a good.
but...is he/she/it...a good god? that is the question.
personaly if i was the christian god i wouldnt let billions of people suffer because of two peoples mistakes (adam and eve)
and if i was any god at all i wouldnt tolerate wars...famin. and the suffering all over the world. to me it would be imposable to bare, i could stop it all....yet i dont. that is plain cruel in my opinion.

anyhoo thats me so im sorry if i offended anyone. just dont take it to heart if your religious please i dont mean any offence.
November 18th, 2006  
Hm, this was posted around 3-4 o'clock on a friday night (German time)....
Please PM me when you wake up today if you have any very good reason to why I should unlock it....
(the same goes to your other thread below this one)

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