New-generation Exocet completes qualification firings

June 27th, 2007  

Topic: New-generation Exocet completes qualification firings

New-generation Exocet completes qualification firings

By Richard Scott

The new MM40 Block 3 Exocet surface-to-surface guided weapon has successfully completed a second and final qualification firing, according to European guided weapons house MBDA Missile Systems.

In the most recent test, conducted on 25 April at the Centre d'Essais de la Mediterranee (CEM) on the Ile du Levant off southern France, an MM40 Block 3 missile flew more than 160 km while executing a typical littoral attack profile.

MBDA said the firing included a substantial offset correction post-launch, followed by a complex multi-waypoint course during the missile's cruise phase (with the weapon programmed to fly over and around prohibited areas). In the final phase of flight, a terminal flight adjustment was performed to achieve the optimum angle of attack on the target. "The designated point was hit with all the precision required," the company added.

This latest firing follows an earlier test event conducted at the CEM range on 6 September 2006. According to MBDA, this firing "took place over a range of 150 km and simulated an operational mission, including a large offset at launch".

The MM40 Block 3 has already been selected by the navies of France, Greece, Oman and the United Arab Emirate

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