New Features: User Mentions, Quotes, Hash Tags

New Features: User Mentions, Quotes, Hash Tags
November 29th, 2015  

Topic: New Features: User Mentions, Quotes, Hash Tags

New Features: User Mentions, Quotes, Hash Tags
I've added a few new features here now, and a couple of them are hopefully quite useful for you as well..


Mentions allow a user to be notified when they have been mentioned in a thread. They work very similar to the Twitter system by adding a ‘@’ symbol in front of a user’s username.

It is also possible to use a ‘mention’ BBCode tag, which works like regular BBCode and requires a username to be wrapped in Mention tags.

Used as this:

A user receives a notification when they are mentioned

You can also find all the Mentions you’ve made, or have been made about you in the Mentions section of your Profile page


Quotes now receive a notification either by the notification system, or you can access all quotes about you (or posts that you have quoted) via the Quotes section of your Profile page

Hash Tags

Hash Tags work very similar to the Twitter system, where a user can be notified, or subscribe to, a ‘topic’ which is marked by a ‘#’ symbol.

Hash Tags only work if a topic is one word long (no spaces) and must have a ‘#’ symbol placed at the front, and a semicolon ‘;’ at the end of it, as follows:

You can subscribe to such hash tags, by entering them through your Settings/User Control Panel section.

On the page that is displayed, all subscribed to hash tags are placed at the top, and you can add more in the lower half of the form and saving it

When subscribed, you will receive a notification like the following every time a hash tag you have subscribed to is used.

When clicking on the notification, or by using the Community Menu, you are taken to the Hash Tags Subscriptions page.

The Hash Tags Subscription page shows the hash tag in context, making it easier to see if it’s relevant to you.

User Tagging Statistics

You can find out the top users in a variety of forms of statistics by going to the User Tagging Statistics page as found at the bottom of the Quick Links menu at the top.

You can restrict or hide notifications in your UserCP, under the "User Tagging" section there.