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September 15th, 2004  

Topic: New computer

Okay so my genius husband decides to update the computer because a "popup" told him too so the computer wouldn't work after and we didn't have a virus scanner or a spyware program for a long time (we upgraded the computer from ME to XP and didn't have a virus program) and didn't have a spyware program since we got the thing (3 years ago) so we gave in a bought a new one (we wanted to upgrade anyway and couldn't with the old one) so we get it and set it up and what happens next? our keyboard fried! so we gave in and bought a new wireless keyboard and mouse now i'm happy!! it's so fast and since we added AD-AWARE we got like 5 spies already woohoo!! if anyone wants to IM just PM me and i'll give you my email addy

GUNNER (waiting for the moniter to quit :P)
October 1st, 2004  
gunner, this
is a very good thread to read abt computer utilites to download

to summarise:
Lava Soft Adware
a brilliant free anti spyware and adware program. a must have.

Spybot Search and Destroy
a popular tool from detecting and removing adware and spyware, note it is useful to have both this and adaware running

Spamihilator works between your E-Mail client and the Internet and examines every incoming E-Mail. Useless spam mails (Junk) will be filtered out. This process runs completely in the background.

task manager
this nifty little program will show you exactly what is running on your computer, in the fore and background, windows doesn't display everything...

there is some good stuff on here as well
October 1st, 2004  
If you are running XP, you might consider the service packs too!
October 2nd, 2004  
Stay away from service pack 2, it's evil...
(a lot of programs and games doesn't work if you install it)
November 17th, 2004  
Stay away from service pack 2, it's evil... Evil or Very Mad
(a lot of programs and games doesn't work if you install it)
Especially older stuff. The day I did that update, I had to repurchase Quicken, a Bible program, a Card and Poster program.

Quicken had me concerned most because I did not want to loose 8 months of bookkeeping entries. But the new version utilized by backup. First, the backup must be copied from A drive to C drive, then converted.

One safe-gaurd - I always keep 2 hard drives. Updates usually affect C drive. But if I run into a problem, I can run stuff off D drive.

By the way, we use Spybot and Ad Aware too, but also now, AVAST. Avast has a free version and is one of the best we have ever used.
January 21st, 2005  
Yes,when you get a new computer,the first thing is to install some antivirus software and even personal firewall.

Take care when you notice that your computer become slower and some other thing strange, It always indicates something wrong.