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April 26th, 2005  

Topic: New Aussie

Hello all.

im some 14 year old aussie kid who like death metal martial arts and laser skirmish (not good enought for paintball yet )

very little mil history great gandfather was in WWII

i love Black Hawk Down. i have a laser skirmish squad (well its really just 6 mates who happen to be on the same team at the same time but im hoping to get ...well better)

i play alot of war video games and i know a far bit about CT/HRU

i found this site whilst looking for bhd quotes

i love snipers. every game i play im allways a sniper. I think the .300 tatical is the greatest rifle ever. but thats just me
April 26th, 2005  
Welcome to the forums.
April 26th, 2005  
April 27th, 2005  
bush musketeer
g'day good to see another aussie here hope u enjoy the forum
April 27th, 2005  
Finally, another Aussie roughly my age
Welcome to the forums mate, enjoy yourself here.
BTW Black Hawk Down is my Fav movie, not as good as the book though
April 27th, 2005  
Welcome to the Forums. Hope you have a good time here.
April 27th, 2005  
Welcome Liberator, hope you enjoy yourself here.
April 29th, 2005  

Speaking of lasers, I played with MILES gear before, when I was in the service.
April 29th, 2005  
Welcome to the forum liberator
May 2nd, 2005  
Welcome big fella