Netanyahu to Obama: Tighten sanctions if Iran defies West

October 1st, 2013  
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Topic: Netanyahu to Obama: Tighten sanctions if Iran defies West

By Matt Spetalnick and Dan Williams WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu urged President Barack Obama on Monday to step up sanctions on Iran if it pursues its nuclear drive even as Tehran exchanges overtures with Washington and restarts negotiations with the West. Seeking to reassure Israel about the emerging U.S. diplomatic engagement with Iran, Obama said Tehran must prove its sincerity with actions, insisted that Washington would not ease sanctions prematurely and reaffirmed U.S. readiness to resort to military action if all else fails. ...

October 1st, 2013  
Netandhairdo, has altogether too much to say about other countries, especially those defending themselves against Israeli aggression. Any sanctions should be applied to Israel

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