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View Poll Results :Should we negotiating with terrorists?
Yes 3 5.45%
Sometimes 13 23.64%
Never 39 70.91%
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May 6th, 2005  
Their only "terrorists" because we call them that. They might even call us "terrorists"

negotiations should be started but only under very strict supervision and carefulness.
May 6th, 2005  
i believe that we should negotiate sometimes with trrorist ohterwise they will resort to more desperate and deadly tactics. but there are times where we have to show them who is boss and take them by force.
May 15th, 2005  
I think sometimes we have to negotiate to a certain level.
May 16th, 2005  
In war, like poker, you play the hand you're dealt. "Never" seems to be the answer. Everything else sounds like wishful thinking.
May 17th, 2005  
Wow if this goes on then maybe some hitler-crazy guy will go on a new holocaust, except its Muslim, no offense, i've seen many hatred for Muslims, the sad thin is most are peacful, they are misunderstood, out the 00.1% that make them look bad.
June 3rd, 2005  
Jason Bourne
Negotiate with terrorists, sure why not, i will give them negotiating, how bout two snipers on the roof and to CQB strike teams ready to move execute their attack plans.

these people don't see things clearly, in their eyes if they die in front of the cameras then they "win", if they kill all the hostages and/or get what they want then they "win", the only way to negotiate with terrorists is to make an example of them and show their friends what will happen.