I Need USMC Info.

April 11th, 2011  

Topic: I Need USMC Info.

Hi there, I just turned 18 and for around 9 years now I have wanted to join the Marines. I have been approached by many recruiters from other military branches, but the Marine are the ones who have caught my attention the most. I know it is a big dream, but i want to be a Scout Sniper. So what I am requesting is any info. on how to become a Scout Sniper? Or if anyone has any tips for bootcamp? Anything helps and i really appreciate it.
Future Marine,
Devin Weiss
April 11th, 2011  
Team Infidel
Welcome ... best advice is to look at the Marine Corps website or go and sit with a Marine Recruiter. They would have the best answers for you.
April 11th, 2011  
If you are absolutely sure it has to be the USMC then go for it. But the best thing you can do for yourself is to check out all the services - make the best deal for your self. Don’t rely on what your uncle the Viet Nam Vet said, or what someone who served in the Korean War or WWII tells you. That was a different era and a completely different type of Military than what we have now. Try to talk to someone who has been in recently and who is not a screw-up.

Go to some reserve centers and observe their weekend training, if they will allow you.

No matter which service you choose get in shape - and then work some more. Run, Run and Run. Do push-ups and sit-ups, and pull-ups - lots of them. No matter how they have changed the Physical Test these exercises will make life a lot easier for you in basic or boot camp. Some recruiters have training programs for applicants and Delayed Enlistees, ask yours.

If you are still in HS I strongly recommend the JROTC, whatever service is available to you. This too will make life easier for you and sometimes will help get you promoted.

If you’ve taken the ASVAB - check with a recruiter about studying and maybe take it again. The higher your scores the better deal you will get, and the scores stay with you during your service time. Different schools, promotions and skill courses will depend on those scores and your duty performance. If you decide to stay in high scores will get you a lot of re-enlistment options.

Before I went in the first time (I was drafted) an old Marine Gunnery Sgt. Told me that throughout your time in the service “be where you are suppose to be, doing what you are suppose to be doing, when you are suppose to be doing it”. If you follow this advice you can’t go very wrong.

Good luck.
April 12th, 2011  
Welcome aboard and best of luck!
April 12th, 2011  
Welcome aboard.

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