In need of some help

January 25th, 2005  

Topic: In need of some help

If this is in the wrong section I'm sorry. I wasn't completely sure where would be best.

I am in desperate need of some quotes for a friend of mine who's husband was killed in Iraq a few days ago. I'm horrible with words so I thought that if I could get some quotes/poems/whatever else then I could put them in a card and send them to her. I'm just trying to find anything that might help ease her pain. I know this is a strange request, but everyone here seems to have a lot of quotes and poems and such. Thank you for your help.
January 25th, 2005  
Charge 7
Peper, I know you only mean the best, but I honestly don't think any quotes will matter more to her than your heartfelt words of caring. I suggest you find what words you feel best that are your own and send her those. They'll mean far more than even the wisest words from any sage.