I need some help

April 5th, 2006  

Topic: I need some help

My grandmother wants me to sing a song at my grandfathers funeral (WWII Vet). I thought the name of the song was 'Soldier's Lullaby'. But I can find the sheet music nowhere. Any suggestions?

A few lines of the song:

"...sleep soldier boy, sleep on.
Your journey is ended, your work here is done. Sleep soldier boy and rest."

Any help would be appreciated
April 5th, 2006  
It sounds like "Dream on little soldier boy" by Irving Berlin. Could this be what you're looking for?

"(Words by Jean Havez, Music by Irving Berlin)

When darkness comes and the soldier
Goes to the land of dreams
Comes stealing some little angel
Borne by the starlight beams
Soothing all of his care
With some beautiful prayer
Blessings numbering while he's slumbering
So peacefully there

Dream on, little soldier boy
May a golden vision fill your heart with joy

May all your happiest hours come back in dreams
May sunshine follow the show'rs with brightest beams

Wander with a peaceful mind
In the land of fancy with the girl you left behind

Sleep on whatever befalls
Till dawn when reveille calls
Dream on, little soldier boy

You've work to do on the morrow
Dear little soldier lad
Grim war may add to your sorrow
You may be sick and sad
Even though you may fall
Sleep, forgetting it all
Resting cozily, dreaming rosily
Awaiting your call"

I found it here: http://www.oldielyrics.com/lyrics/ir...ldier_boy.html