i need some help...quick!

i need some help...quick!
July 9th, 2007  

Topic: i need some help...quick!

i need some help...quick!
ok. im in AFJROTC and in charge of the jody's for pt and just regular marching and i dont really know that many! if i dont get any my MSgt will shoot me. well not really but i'll be in really bad trouble...i'll probally have to run till my legs fall off! ok so not that much but you get the drift. can anyone help me? please please please!
October 14th, 2008  
here's some I use (I know how you feel XD) and you can change the army references to suit you. :]

Mile one
Havin’ fun
Mile Two
Good for you
Mile Three
Good for me
Mile Four
Want some more
Mile Five
I feel alive
Mile Six
Just for kicks
Mile Seven
This is Heaven
Mile Eight
This is great
Mile Nine
Feelin’ fine
Mile Ten
Do it again!


C-130 rollin’ down the strip
Airborne daddy’s gonna take a little trip.
Mission uncertain, destination unknown.
We don’t know if we’re ever goin’ home.
Stand up, hook ‘em, shuffle to the door.
Jump right out and count to four.
And if my main don’t open wide,
I’ve got a reserve by my side.
And if that one should fail me too,
Look out ground, I’m a-comin’ through.
Hit the drop zone with my feet apart
Knees in my stomach, feet in my heart.
And if I should die on the old drop zone,
Box me up and ship me home.
Pin my medals upon my chest,
And tell my momma I was the best.

When My Granny Was

When my granny was niner zero
She came home a peacetime hero.
When my granny was 91
She did P.T. just for fun.
When my granny was 92
She did P.T. better than you.
When my granny was 93
She did P.T. better than me.
When my granny was 94
She did P.T. more and more.
When my granny was 95
She did P.T. to stay alive.
When my granny was 96
She was doin’ flutter kicks.
When my granny was 97
She up and died and went to Heaven.
She met St. Peter at the ole Pearly Gates.
She said, “St. Peter, I hope I’m not late.”
St. Peter replied with a big ole grin,
“Drop down granny and knock out ten.”
And granny replied with a big ole smile,
“Sorry, St. Peter, I’m on profile.”

Lefty, Right, Left

Left, left, lefty, right left.
Keep, keep, keep it in step.
Your right, a left.
Your lefty, right left.
Your right, a left.
Move up to double time.
We do it all the time.
We’re cruising’ double time.

Double Time

Double time, double time up the hill,
Everybody’s gonna get a 2-mile thrill.
Double time, double time, everyone will,
Everybody’s gonna get their fill.
Double time, double time, 2-miles long,
It’s impossible to go wrong.
Double time, double time, to this song,
Everybody’s gonna make it strong.
Double time, double time, going strong,
We didn’t know we could run so long.
Double time, double time, all the way,
We can run like this everyday.
I love double time, you love it too,
We can run the whole day through.
Double time, double time, having fun,
We can’t wait for the 5-mile run.
Double time, double time, Army way
Makin’ every enemy we have pay.

I Got the Drive

Here I am before the sun
Going on a ___ mile run
Stretchin', yawnin', comin' alive
I can do it, I got the drive
Starting out slow keeping the pace
Morning breeze is blowing in my face
Passing others watching me
Wonder what it is they see
Do they see my grief and pain
They must think I'm insane
Or do they see my will and pride
Ain't no doubt I got the drive
Breath deep, sound off, let em know
We're on the move and rarin' to go
CTA smiling as we pass by
We're gonna show him we got the drive
Picking up the pace and heading out
For blocks around you can hear us shout
Come run with us if you ' d like to try
One thing’s for sure we got the drive
If you want to keep pace with me
There's one thing you've got to see
Drive’s important and will is too
Makes me best at what I do

if you want any more, just hit me up. :]

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