I need some help Military court in British army

May 31st, 2005  
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Topic: I need some help Military court in British army

A soldier is charged with misappropriation of army property. What type of court would the hearing take place in?

What would the process be leading up to the trial?

What would the sentence be if found guilty?

Thank you very much
May 31st, 2005  
Depends on the severity of the crime. The solider could be charged by his company OC or his unit CO. If the crime is more serious then I would be put before a higher court. I imagine the British way is the same as the Canadian.
June 1st, 2005  
Theft is a very serious crime in the Australian DFDA (defence force discipline act) which is based on the traditions of the British system.

Theft punishment can range from loss of pay and extra duties to up to 10 years in a military prison.
June 25th, 2005  
it will more than likely fall on the the sholders of either the RSM or OC

worst case will be the CO
July 22nd, 2005  
Depends what he has stolen, he could wind up on minor charge for a small item or if he knicked some thing rather naughty he could face a Court Martial and a spell in a Military Prison.