Need help, please answer.

November 25th, 2011  

Topic: Need help, please answer.

I'm 16, turning 17 in February. I'm going to join the military, but I'm not sure if i should join the Marines, or the Navy SEALs. I want to serve my country in the best possible way, and I can do all of the physical requirements. I'm just not sure which one to go with.
November 25th, 2011  
Welcome aboard young fella.

I won't attempt to answer your question as I'm not qualified to do so. All I will say is aim high and be prepared to settle for whatever you are found to be most suited to.

A large part of getting through SF training depends on your mental maturity, and ability to perform well in highly stressful situations.

Good Luck, wherever you end up.
November 25th, 2011  
Chief Bones

Topic: Just an opinion .....

Kiddo ....

While the Marines ARE the Navy's elite groundpounders, the Navy Seals are the elite of the elite.

Just my opinion ... if you would like to serve in a unit that is liable to be utilized in the four corners of the world and in the most unusual circumstances ... you would NOT be making a mistake if you were to chose the Navy Seals.

While I never considered the Seals (I was too old), if I were still a young man .. I could very well have chosen a different path in the Navy.

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