Need Help With Joining! Please!

November 27th, 2008  

Topic: Need Help With Joining! Please!

To start, here's my basic profile the recruiters have looked at.
I'm 19, almost 20 years old.
Graduated highschool.
No criminal record.
No surgeries.
Great physical health
Run a mile in 5:15 w/o winding myself
can do over 125 push-ups in a set
Extensive martial arts training and background.
Scored a 91 on my placement test for the Marines/Army with high line scores all across.
I've been watched closely by Marine Corps recruiters from grade 10.
Went through MEPS Beginning of 2008 at which point a perferation (hole) was found in my right eardrum. I was sent to an ENT specialist to examine the eardrum. Official report from the doctor stated that the hole was less than 10% the size of my eardrum, was several years old, and was in no way a risk for future problems (infection, etc.) and I was recommended for a waiver. The head doctor at MEPS, also requesting that I get through on waiver, found through his CO that the Marines have a no tolerence policy for my particular problem. I then tried to join through the Army, hearing they did have a waiver and not having the $6000 for the surgery to fix my ear. I was told by my recruiter after a week that my waiver was denied by the Army Surgeon General. I need someone to tell me what I can do. I am not content with being told that because of a pin sized hole in my ear, that doesn't effect me negatively in any way, I am not allowed to serve my country. It's the only thing I've wanted to do since I was a little boy. If someone can tell me the exact regulations with medical waivers, I'd appreciate it. Also if there is any way to try to put my waiver through again, someone I can talk to and better my chances of being accepted. The recruiters I have talked to haven't been much help.
Thank you very much for any help or information you can offer.
November 27th, 2008  
Cdt Matteo
Go through different recruiters. Call the Marines or something, find out whats the second nearest recruiter. I've been told not to mention many things when I go, it's best you not, especially if they don't affect you.
November 28th, 2008  
I didn't mention it, just for that reason. my hearing in my right ear was slightly lower (But Passing!) than my left, setting off red flags. When they couldn't see the problem without a microscope, i was sent to the specialist. the minute other recruiters find out MEPS has red flagged me they won't touch me, as far as Marines goes.
December 5th, 2008  
I dealt with a tympanic perforation myself. Failed a hearing test on a 5 yr physical. My ENT guy said that it would heal in a few weeks (it did). Problem is that you are in the system as having failed physical requirements. If Active Army won;t take you, try a Guard Recruiter. Join the National Guard and as soon as you graduate basic and AIT and then submit paperwork to go active. This will require your commander releasing you from your contract and the down side is that he can always say no. If you are willing to wait then join the guard and take some college courses, get the guard to help pay for them and if you can't get released from the guard wait till your enlistment is done, ETS then go see the active army recruiter the next day.

If you don;t want to go that route, see if you can't get an ENT specialist to certify that your perforation will not negatively impact your ability to serve. You should be able to use the recruiters to help with the appeal process.

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