I need enlistment help!

May 12th, 2014  

Topic: I need enlistment help!

I recently talked to an air force recruiter about joining. I am unable to enlist because I have too many tattoos (i dont have many but they surpass the requirements). Im Curious if theres any loophole to join seeing as once you join you can get covered in tattoos, or if any english speaking, foreign military/PMC allows tattoos. Also I only have a GED which is still eligible for enlistment after so many college credits. I would really appreciate any information!
May 18th, 2014  
Speak to recruiters of other branch's but don't get your hopes up - with the cutbacks they are kind of looking for ways to not enlist people.
In other words all the services are only taking the best and, even though you have a GED and "some college" credits the military does not look favorably on you.

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