Navy RE-4 discharge

March 25th, 2017  

Topic: Navy RE-4 discharge

So my 18 year old joined the navy last year so determined that he did all the legwork and went to DEP for almost a year before leaving for boot camp January 17th of this year. February 23rd he called and said that he was being medically discharged due to the fact that his 8th grade teachers has us convinced he had ADD. Took him to the DR who never tested him just gave him a script for adderall which I never even filled because I wasn't convinced he had it without a proper diagnosis.

When we spoke to the navy recruiter about it he said to not even mention it, but my son isn't a liar so he mentioned it when they asked him in boot camp and he was separated shortly after which I completely understand. He said he was probably going to get an RE-8 but he didn't want to re-enlist because it's now march 25th and he's still stuck in Great Lakes just waiting and he's miserable and just want the whole ordeal over with. He mentioned on the phone today that they were thinking about discharging him as an RE-4 which means he can't enlist in any service, which again both he and the rest of us are fine, but after reading some of the posts here about this discharge code it's like he committed some heinous crime.

He's only 18. He graduated high school with no issues, has never been in any trouble, I am not understanding if he was just confused or if they are trying to label him with something he did while there? I could use a little guidance or advice from anyone who may know.

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