Naval Rifles. - Page 2

February 4th, 2005  
Charge 7
nulli secundus is correct. "Rifle" is a term describing the bore not the size of the weapon.
February 4th, 2005  
The Naval Gun Fire Manual I used described the weapons aboard vessels as such.

16 " /50 Naval Gun

8"/50 Naval Gun

5" /38 Naval Rifle

5" /54 Naval Rifle

3" /50 Naval Rifle

Since all of the Vessels with 8 inch or 16 inch main batteries have been decommisioned I was refering to the 5 inch and lower batteries.
February 9th, 2005  
They are All Naval Guns. Grunt 8) . regardless of what they taught ya at 3RD Mar Div Schools.

They like to Jazz it up there. But the Corps don't have Naval Rifle Fire Sections. We have Naval Gunfire sections. Or Naval Gan ) ..... never mind forgot where I was

Far as I know the Brit's guns and the Aussies are pretty close to our 5 inch 54's.