NASCAR is a southern sport - Page 2

November 1st, 2005  
Rob Henderson
yankee kool-aid...wdf....never mind...
November 11th, 2005  
if im not mistaken, which is highly possible, NASCAR is the one where you drive around in a big oval right? That requires so much skill and effort and the only real test is the heat? Is that it?

i dont know how you can call anything that mundane a sport. check out V8 Supercars. They go round CORNERS, and get to turn the other way as well. all while staying at 300km/h. (180m)

hell at least its not as boring as F1 though.
November 12th, 2005  
Skippy its all about tradition mate. I don't piss on cricket or Aussie Rules football so please, if you will, a little respect for something that was born out of economic criminals testing their homemade machines and skills on the back roads of the deep south while also avoiding Johnny Law.

I like SuperV-8 cars but your drivers seem to be pretty bloody boring, no personality, no heated arguments and broken noses after the match... maybe if they let em down some XXXX first it might get a bit more life.