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August 14th, 2005  
gordon as a driver.. verry good maybe one of the best,

but when he was a young driver he was differant,

now in his older years, his heart isnt in it as it used to be.,. now he wins to win.. and when he doesnt he blames pepole

he used to drive for the fans and for fun

-thats just how i see it
August 15th, 2005  
Originally Posted by AJChenMPH
Originally Posted by Ray89
loves nascar- oh and hates Jeff Gordon
jeff gordon is a mother
I still have yet to figure out why there's such a love-hate relationship with the NASCAR fans and Jeff Gordon. Is ALL the animosity just because the guy was given good equipment and won a lot from the beginning?
he is hated because u can understand him when he speaks. thats just un-NASCARly. wheres the fun in that?

thank you jeff foxworthy for that one.
August 15th, 2005  
nice opinon.

oh and booo jeff foxworthy

i like the red neck jokes just dont tuch nascar.. it for every one
September 22nd, 2005  
final points standing will be .
mark martin
Tony Stewart
Matt Kensthe
Rusty Wallace
Rocket Newman
Greg Biffle
Crazy Edwards
Jeremy Mayfield
Big Bush whinner
September 23rd, 2005  
I'd go completely berserk (in a good way) if Mark Martin or Rusty Wallace came away with the championship.

On another note...WTF is up with the relative slap on the wrists for Kasey Kahne and Robby Gordon?
September 23rd, 2005  
Nascar will see half empty stand and tv rating go down if the really clamped down on shananigens like last weeks hatefest.