N.Korea Mouthpiece Threatens Another Nuclear Test

July 27th, 2010  

Topic: N.Korea Mouthpiece Threatens Another Nuclear Test

A North Korean mouthpiece in Japan on Monday issued a thinly veiled threat of another nuclear test by the North, which is peeved by a massive South Korea-U.S. naval exercise in the East Sea.

The Choson Sinbo newspaper said the North "regards a nuclear test as an essential procedural requirement to gain a nuclear deterrent. In the past, it has not hesitated to conduct a test if it decided it needed one."

The newspaper recalled that the North pledged to "step up nuclear deterrence.
It is not actaully a surprise for the North with their warnings. In the past, the North has been frequently using terms like, "an all out war", "retaliation", and "turn Seoul into a sea of fire".
The North needs to know that the most of the nations in the world is criticizing for a REASON. They take it in the wrong way and react with threats. If they would take some time and look back on their actions, they would understand why such criticisms are taking place.
Even this time, the North is warning the US and South Korea with Nuclear deterrence.
When the entire world acknowledged the North's nuclear testings as a threat to peace, the North would simply reply as in use for "scientific usage".
But now, it's back to the good 'ol nuclear threat.
No wonder why the rest of the world aren't buying the North's "scientific usage" bluff.

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