Mystery repairman fixes broken W.Va. traffic light

March 13th, 2009  

Topic: Mystery repairman fixes broken W.Va. traffic light

BECKLEY, W.Va. A malfunctioning traffic light that was a constant source of complaints has finally been fixed, but not by the government. A mystery repairman got the light working on Friday, three days before the state Division of Highways workers showed up to repair it.
Mayor Emmett Pugh said Tuesday that officials don't know who did it, but they're grateful.
The light quit working sometime before Christmas. Though it was the city's responsibility, city crews didn't have the expertise to repair the light and it took extra time ordering special parts.
Councilman Mike Atterson said he hopes the mystery repairman comes forward so he can thank him or her and extend a job offer.
He said other lights around town also need work.
April 23rd, 2009  
Hahaahhaahahaha!! so much for city paid employees

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