Mysterious Snoopy patch. Can anyone help identify ??? - Page 2

June 6th, 2013  
O was part of that squad and am looking to replace my snoopyjet engine patch.
November 3rd, 2013  

Topic: Snoopy Patch

I went into the Air Force back in Jan. 1974. I went to school at Chanute AFB for jet engines. I worked on the large engines to work on B-52's and KC-135's. While there we would buy a blue flight jacket or blue jean jacket and have the snoopy over 2 jet engines patch sown on the back of our jackets. We would have other patches added to our jackets as time went on. I have thought about my jacket many times as to where it went? If any one has one of those patches I would be honored to buy it from them. Gary Phillips
April 20th, 2014  

Topic: snoopy patch

I did not see the picture but Snoopy patches were worn on bush hats made in Vietnam. I did see some and the service were Air Force personal