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March 6th, 2005  

Topic: My quote

"Troops come first, last, and always. Never does your individual needs come before those of your men."
This is what I try to remeber with dealing with groups of my peers. I'm sure that most likely a leader has said this down the line but I do not know. I modified this from what my father told me "troopies come firstie". He is a chief in the navy seabees and when he just came home from a 2 week war game which consisted of normal seabee tasks. Well, the first night, his security detachment and him had to find a place to bunk down. My dad gave up his bunk for one of his troops and the man he gave it up to, he didn't even know but was under my dad's command at the time. The man said "noone, noone has ever done that before" to which my dad replied "troops come first" then slept under a deuce and a half in the mud for the night.