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January 23rd, 2006  
Team Infidel
January 25th, 2006  
Good pics! Wouldn't mind some more
January 26th, 2006  
Good looking platoon
January 29th, 2006  
Originally Posted by Forrest_Gump
I know the guy in the second photo is probably covering the window (I really hope that's what he is doing), but this set up screams blue on blue fire.
This probably doesn't sound right, but I could not help but break out laughing when I read that, made me think of Red vs. Blue, the Halo spoof.
January 31st, 2006  

Nice snaps out there.Your platoon guys sure do look slick.However in the snap shot of the route march most of your guys seem to have their heads down, maybe a sign of tiredness.But thats the vulnerable moment when a lurking ambush mows you down.Dont take it to heart but this comes from a guy who's been their and has survived time and again to join this forum.Also keep tail enders to watch the back of the column,they should be facing the rear ,minium a pair, leap frogging and covering each other alternately.What the Yanks correctly call CYA(Cover Your A___s).

January 31st, 2006  
Mohmar Deathstrike
Hehe, good pointers roverin.