My own site in the making

July 24th, 2008  
A Can of Man

Topic: My own site in the making

Call me a bad person for copying or whatnot but it's something I've been meaning to do for a long time.
It's basically some kind of Wiki based thing but I think it's pretty good.
What I want this to be is a site where world opinion is brought to Koreans. I guess it'll be a ***** trying to get people to visit but hopefully once I get it done and start posting crap on the regular bulletin board services they'll pick up on it.
Trying to make it as bilingual as possible, though my Korean isn't that great my wife will be helping me out.
If anyone has an article they are proud of here and want it immortalized and translated into Korean, this is your chance. Obviously, short articles are more welcome than long ones!
July 24th, 2008  
There ya go!!! You are on your way.

Lookin' good/ I might just have to load a Korean character set to get the full effect.

Go for it!!
July 24th, 2008  
Well, first of all I would not put Korean together with English on the web site, it makes it very hard to read and it looks messy. Reminds me of some faulty character set that just loaded. Why not experiment a bit with the character size on the screen, the heading is in my opinion to big and similar sized to the contents below, making one big chunk of text. A bold heading can do if you don't want to alter the character size.

The green background and the egg'ish white is hard for the eyes to read, can you use some other colors?

Nice page though, have it bookmarked already
July 24th, 2008  
good color (as in kinda nice but may not be great for what you want to keep as you progress). is what's written in English translation for above Korean? So, no problems with OPSEC there yet I don't think hahahahaha.
July 25th, 2008  
What does OPSEC stand for?
July 25th, 2008  
A Can of Man
Operations Security.

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