November 25th, 2020  

Topic: My latest book, BENEATH THE POPPY FIELDS.

BENEATH THE POPPY FIELDS was published on Armistice Day and was available for sale yesterday, my 80th birthday.

I was inspired to write this book during the Centenary of the Battle of the Somme, in which my grandfather was killed and I even used his name as the protagonist.

The story is fiction based on actual events: Beneath The Poppy Fields takes us to the trenches and tunnels where the horrors of subterranean warfare see brave men die valiantly. Back home in England their wives gallivant with one another and other men. The author takes us to their sensationally intimate moments and to their husbands' unimaginable last minutes.

In the blood and gore of World War 1 the whims of the officer class threatens the tunnellers' very existence - but it is that sound that imperils the lives of them all, the sound of a baby crying out there in no man's land.

Revealing inconceivable circumstances underground and the erotically exciting moments of unbridled passion, displays much about the human spirit during the dark days of the war.

Rest in peace Johnny, in the stillness of Etaples cemetery (Johnny was my grandfather).

This is the blurb on Amazon. Books available at

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